I used to hear people on television refer to the great production of GODSPELL that was staged in Toronto from May 1972 through August 1973, but whenever I tried to find information about it on the Internet, I would get only bits and pieces. I thought that it was important that this information be put together into one source, and since nobody else had done it, I made the site godspell.ca. After more than a dozen years of running that site I have transferred the information here to wordpress, where it can continue to educate and inspire theatre lovers worldwide.


The Original Toronto Company Front Row: Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Jayne Eastwood. Second Row: Gerry Salsberg, Andrea Martin, Martin Short, Rudy Webb. Third Row: Valda Alviks, Avril Chown. Standing Victor Garber as Jesus

Over the past few years of collecting everything that I’ve found about the show, I have started to feel the brilliance of the show come to me, even though it’s been gone for decades. In fact, I see it more clearly, day by day.


(Note: This is the only clip I have of the original cast performing)


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